Friendship Cooking School
Walk to the local market and return by rickshaw

Meet us at the friendship cooking school 15 minutes before the start of the class for Tea, then we’ll walk to the local market and have a fun rickshaw ride back. We use the freshest local ingredients and give you a unique and authentic experience – travel the ancient streets to the market where the locals shop daily and go back in time in a rickshaw, just like the locals do.


Learn about the ingredients
Local markets where shopkeepers share information about the traditional use of local ingredients as well as methods of farming and fascinating stories of local life in Nepal. The people are so colourful and interesting and will warm your heart – it’s a very enjoyable cultural exchange.


Our classes are held twice a day at 9AM and 2PM - 7 days a week. Each class runs for 4 hours and includes a visit to local market and two way rickshaw ride back to our school. Each guest gets to eat their own delicious food, so arrive hungry. You will cook 4 dishes of traditional nepali and local food. The cost for the class is $ 30/ NRs 3000 per person which includes market trip to the end of class.

Each dish has a vegetarian or vegan option if you prefer, just let us know when you arrive at the class. We make momo with different flour specially for Gluten. We will do our best.